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#68 GetComponents non interactive in case of certificate issues. review Eric Seidel minor development version
#1022 GetComponents should recognise absolute path in --root new Eric Seidel minor development version
#1680 GetComponents does not prompt for a password for a private SVN repository confirmed Eric Seidel minor development version
#1918 Branch changes in the thornlist are ignored when updating confirmed major development version
#2070 shallow checkouts do not work with branches reopened minor development version
#398 --update changes files even if they are not changed new Eric Seidel minor
#697 Repository and thorn names cannot be different new Eric Seidel major
#1045 URL field should be optional new Eric Seidel minor
#1046 Git repository not checked out to the correct location new Eric Seidel major
#1047 Check out git repositories without using repos directory new Eric Seidel major
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