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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#84 Make GetComponents robust to transient network errors accepted Eric Seidel enhancement minor
#162 Document CCTK_GFINDEX3D and friends in reference manual accepted dcastl2 enhancement minor
#206 Add --xml option to GetComponents accepted Eric Seidel enhancement optional
#270 Need web instructions for building on a new machine accepted dcastl2 enhancement major
#367 When a repo URL changes, GetComponents should offer more help accepted Eric Seidel enhancement major
#369 Add command to update thorn list accepted Eric Seidel enhancement minor
#445 Make Carpet timers hierarchical accepted Erik Schnetter enhancement optional
#831 Cactus FAQ is out of date accepted dcastl2 defect major
#1523 Use Piraha to Parse all CCL files accepted Steven R. Brandt enhancement optional Cactus_4.4.0
#1881 Unclear error message for parameter file error accepted Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#11 Provide more options for job-chaining assigned mthomas enhancement minor
#260 produce map of ET users assigned dcastl2 enhancement optional
#450 Output elapsed times for test cases assigned dcastl2 enhancement minor
#502 SimFactory user-guide should be available and updated automatically assigned Ian Hinder enhancement major
#582 Semi-automatically split McLachlan's calculations assigned enhancement major
#590 McLachlan should allow other thorns to set the gauge assigned Peter Diener defect major
#607 Reduce size of table on assigned dcastl2 enhancement minor
#719 Mailing lists could have a link to the archived version of the message assigned Roland Haas enhancement minor
#723 Archived emails to mailing lists are displayed without line-wrapping assigned dcastl2 enhancement minor
#727 Test output changes every time some tests are run assigned defect major
#791 Output timer tree as XML assigned enhancement minor
#808 testsuites in HDF5 assigned enhancement minor
#811 Carpet::processor_topology="recursive" breaks when using multipatch grids (Llama) assigned Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1119 hdf5toascii_slicer should output variable names in headers assigned Roland Haas enhancement minor
#1238 implement buffer mask in CarpetEvolutionMask assigned Roland Haas enhancement minor
#1360 TAT/TATPETSc has no (ET-only) testsuite assigned Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1487 Documentation build should be tested as part of the automated build and test assigned defect minor
#1490 ExternalLibraries/PAPI contains testsuite, but no data assigned Peter Diener defect minor
#1520 src/piraha does not adhere to Cactus coding style assigned Steven R. Brandt defect optional
#1545 Parameter file parser errors should be more informative assigned Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#1698 The ET tickets should be tidied up assigned Steven R. Brandt enhancement major
#1791 Allow aligning the interior of grid functions in looping macros assigned Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1869 output active regions for IOHDF5 assigned Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1911 Hydro_InitExcision sphere_pugh_ppm test fails assigned Roland Haas defect unset ET_2018_02
#1937 EinsteinEvolve/GRHydro/par/TOVstar_simple16d-mag.par not up to date with code assigned Roland Haas defect minor
#1951 Cactus reports missing thorns only at end of parfile assigned Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#1974 Add WVUThorns_Diagnostics to the ET assigned zachetie enhancement unset ET_2018_08
#2008 NaNs when running static tov on >40 cores assigned Frank Löffler defect major
#2031 Option to disable Piraha assigned Steven R. Brandt defect unset
#2052 piraha assumes that assert(false) always aborts assigned Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#2082 Create an ET news page assigned Ian Hinder task major
#2101 Add Lean_public and Proca thorns to the ET assigned Steven R. Brandt enhancement major ET_2018_08
#2119 The binary neutron star gallery example gives different results with the release candiate. assigned Peter Diener defect blocker ET_2018_02
#2139 The initial data used in arXiv: 1304.5544 are not downloadable now. assigned Roland Haas defect unset ET_2018_02
#2143 trac statistics link is broken assigned Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#2147 new user tutorial does not show expected plot assigned Roland Haas enhancement minor
#2149 jupyter tutorial only evolves TOV star for very short time assigned Roland Haas defect major
#2150 jupyter tutorial uses create-run to run TOV simulation in foreground assigned Roland Haas defect major
#2176 Test "Binary neutron star" example assigned Peter Diener task major ET_2018_08
#2189 Carpet/CarpetLib: Add Lagrange_third_order_prolong prolongation option. assigned rhaas@… enhancement unset
#2190 make sim-ThornGuide fails assigned Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#2192 schedule.ccl SYNC allows for [timelevels] suffixes assigned Steven R. Brandt defect unset
#181 AEILocalInterp should not off-centre the interpolation stencil by default confirmed defect major
#394 Testsuite log file should contain more information confirmed enhancement minor
#641 Parameter files and thornlists could be tested as part of the release process confirmed enhancement major
#1628 Enable padding by default confirmed enhancement major
#1630 ML_BSSN harmonic shift is ill-posed confirmed defect major
#1636 Check and abort if more timelevels are requested than time hierarchy supports confirmed Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1637 MoL should automatically allocate storage for sufficient timelevels of evolved variables confirmed enhancement minor
#1639 Exit and Abort have return types which conflict with their NORETURN attributes confirmed Jian Tao defect minor
#1644 Create defs.local.ini when it does not exist confirmed Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1646 McLachlan does not give a reference for the gauge evolution equations confirmed defect minor
#1647 simfactory default for <1 node jobs confirmed Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1654 All accessible Cactus flesh functions should either be documented or deprecated confirmed enhancement optional
#1662 Only ask once for auth info for bitbucket/github confirmed Eric Seidel enhancement minor
#1663 VisIT CarpetHDF5 plugin pseudocolor error confirmed defect major
#1664 CarpetIOHDF5 should not try to search for grid scalars and DISTRIB=CONSTANT arrays in all HDF5 files confirmed Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1665 move higher order restriction parameters from CarpetLib to Carpet confirmed Erik Schnetter defect optional
#1667 Configure options for ExternalLibraries/MPI should be easier to understand confirmed defect minor
#1669 ExternalLibraries/pciutils should check for an installed version confirmed enhancement minor
#1672 Simfactory: add --basedir=@BASEDIR@ to all submit scripts confirmed Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1679 Update OpenMPI, hwloc confirmed enhancement minor
#1680 GetComponents does not prompt for a password for a private SVN repository confirmed Eric Seidel defect minor
#1691 Time integration of grid arrays with MoL is incorrect when there is more than one component per process confirmed defect major
#1708 Add autoconf detection for #pragma omp simd confirmed enhancement minor
#1711 Tests using ADMConstraints should be converted to use ML_ADMConstraints confirmed defect major
#1713 Avoid build-time warning confirmed defect minor
#1715 Add Jenkins configuration for build of all external libraries confirmed enhancement minor
#1719 Automatically run build and test on pull requests confirmed enhancement minor
#1720 Provide a mechanism for determining why a Cactus simulation stopped running confirmed enhancement minor
#1721 Simfactory's test mechanism should use softlinks instead of rsync confirmed enhancement minor
#1722 hwloc could warn the user if a process spans more than one NUMA node confirmed enhancement minor
#1723 Output "increasing logging level" only on one process confirmed defect minor
#1738 Update requirements documentation for Cactus confirmed enhancement minor
#1776 Wrong mpirun copied to utilities directory in MPI thorn confirmed defect minor
#1804 Provide an Einstein Toolkit User Guide confirmed enhancement minor
#1807 Download instructions do not let a new user compile confirmed enhancement minor
#1853 diagonal output in CarpetIOHDF5 disabled confirmed Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1917 sim setup should automatically set up the machine for common OSes confirmed enhancement major
#1918 Branch changes in the thornlist are ignored when updating confirmed defect major
#1989 CarpetInterp2 array access out of bounds in llamawavetoy_7patch test on 2 processes confirmed defect minor
#2030 Multi-block boundaries leave uninitialized boundary points confirmed defect major
#2081 Provide a method to upgrade an ET checkout from one release to the next confirmed enhancement minor
#2095 Upgrade Trac from 0.12 confirmed Steven R. Brandt task minor
#2100 Host a collection of numerical relativity talk slides confirmed enhancement minor
#2110 bash_utils find_lib error check confirmed Ian Hinder enhancement minor
#2195 Multipole Thorn: Why is max_vars set to 10? confirmed defect minor
#26 remove chained jobs in reverse order new mthomas defect minor
#28 Write how-to for writing "good" parameter files new somebody task major
#30 Implement a "get" command new mthomas enhancement minor
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