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#1161 Add thorn libwebp new enhancement minor
#1163 Test cases with specific number of processes new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1166 Add non-vectorised test cases new enhancement major
#1170 ExternalLibraries handle XXX_DIR XXX_INC_DIRS and XXX_LIB_DIRS inconsistently new defect minor
#1172 Remove unnecessary exp/log calls in EOS_Omni new enhancement minor
#1175 Improving the treatment of external libraries new enhancement major
#1180 new option to save build logs of each compiled file new enhancement optional
#1182 Ensure that all computed quantities in WeylScal4 have regression tests new enhancement minor
#1185 Automate auto-generating code new enhancement major
#1188 GetComponents should output the total number of components to be downloaded new Eric Seidel enhancement major
#1196 Improve performance of Multipole interpolation new enhancement major
#1198 Add an option to sim build to disable parallel building new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1201 Incorrect dtshift in Exact with shift_add_{x,y,z} parameters new defect major
#1206 CCTK_ParameterFilename is not documented new defect optional
#1209 Timelevel used in PeriodicCarpet. new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1210 CarpetIOASCII should not write column names info each iteration new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1212 PUGH crashes if there are too few grid points to synchronize new defect major
#1216 make GRHydro_Macros usable by other thorns new enhancement minor
#1221 Reduction weight anomaly when using zero CoordBase::boundary_shiftout_* new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1223 Formaline always triggeres new link new defect minor
#1230 Make Cactus test suite mechanism independent of Carpet's domain decomposition new enhancement major
#1233 McLachlan should not define one-character variables new enhancement optional
#1234 Correct grid structure output new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1242 test system does not pause if test fails to run new defect minor
#1247 add option to GetComponents to output revision of each checkout component new Eric Seidel enhancement minor
#1248 SimFactory should not silently disable thorns new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1258 output all parameters in xml new enhancement major
#1265 SimFactory does not support job chaining on supermuc new Erik Schnetter enhancement major
#1268 Cross-references in reference manual should be easier new enhancement major
#1274 python trace instead of error message when simulation name is missing new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1278 Handle inf and nan in parameter file parser new defect minor
#1280 include warning in "No files created in test directory" test system output if no extensions were registered new enhancement minor
#1281 SimFactory should expire its executable cache new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1283 Missing data in HDF5 files new defect major
#1284 Want stand-alone parameter parser new enhancement major
#1286 SimFactory should not run queued chained jobs if a previous job fails new Erik Schnetter enhancement major
#1298 Run part of CST before external libraries new enhancement minor
#1301 Formaline should store the thornlist new enhancement minor
#1312 quick rsync for simfactory new Erik Schnetter enhancement major
#1317 GRHydro should provide _one_ mechanism to set a GP to atmosphere new enhancement minor
#1319 implement Josh Faber's hydro with punctures trick new task minor
#1320 reconstruct_Wv with cell centering violates angular momentum conservation new Roland Haas defect minor
#1321 Collisions in executable cache directory new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1325 McLachlan should not checkpoint the constraint variables if they have only one timelevel new enhancement minor
#1326 running loopcontrol on strange number of threads fails new defect minor
#1327 Delay subsequent restarts in the case of certain problems new Erik Schnetter enhancement major
#1332 Prolongation operators are only parallelized in one direction new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1334 CCTK_CHECK_HEADER_LIB_FUNC adds library multiple times to $LIBS new defect minor
#1335 SimFactory should abort if there are no checkpoint files when submitting an existing configuration new Erik Schnetter enhancement major
#1337 CarpetHDF5 doesn't support complex datatypes new enhancement minor
#1341 Add a group of grid scalars for memory usage statistics new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1342 list-simulations shows queued simulation as "finished" new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1343 Cactus ParameterGetXXX functions return values for non-active thorns new defect optional
#1350 CactusUtils/Accelerator requires Carpet new defect major
#1351 CactusUtils/OpenCLRunTime depends on external thorns new defect major
#1356 import ZelmaniQuadWaveExtract into ET new enhancement optional
#1357 import CartesianCoordiantes into ET new enhancement optional
#1358 import CoreCollapseControl into ET new enhancement optional
#1370 Provide a framework for simulation metadata new enhancement major
#1375 Slab does not fill in outmost layer of points in mesh refinement levels new defect minor
#1383 CarpetLib's prolongate_3d_rf2 contains non thread safe self-test new Erik Schnetter defect optional
#1386 LocalInterp contains unneeded tests in the innermost interpolation loop new defect optional
#1404 GRHydro InitialAtmosphereReset in INITIAL only scheduled for non-MHD call new defect minor
#1413 Idea: Script to generate bug report new enhancement major
#1419 Cactus should produce no errors in Valgrind new enhancement minor
#1422 Subscribing to commit notifications for the ET should be made easier new enhancement minor
#1425 git repositories checkout into main tree new Eric Seidel enhancement major
#1427 Poloidal magnentic field warning should be output at run time, not at compile time new defect minor
#1431 Issue with McLachlan and ADMBase::initial_shift new defect minor
#1433 WeylScal4 and EinsteinExact tests should be run on 2 processes new enhancement minor
#1437 Missing option for deterministic noise in CactusNumerical/Noise new enhancement minor
#1440 PITTNullCode lacks documentation new defect major
#1441 Mode timer tree no longer supports multipatch new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1442 (small) diff in git commit messages new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1447 support "replay" mode new enhancement major
#1448 move PARAMCHECK before WRAGH new defect minor
#1452 config.guess doesn't recognize arm-linux-gnueabihf new defect optional
#1454 main timer has value 0 in timer tree XML output new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1461 provide dTickets/dt or dChanges/dt plots on statistics page new enhancement optional
#1466 document "old" reduction interface new defect minor
#1470 make Util_GetHandle case insensitive new defect optional
#1471 Cactus should auto-detect newer versions of GCC from MacPorts new enhancement minor
#1472 simfactory:dsitribute key envsetup should be optional new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1474 compile ExternalLibraries with other thorns rather than when CST runs new enhancement minor
#1475 Cactus scripting language integration new enhancement optional
#1477 Parallelize AEILocalInterp new enhancement major
#1481 Hidden hard-coded limits on max_l_modes and max_vars in Multipole new defect minor
#1482 use HDF5 1.8 features in CarpetIOHDF5, hdf5 utilities new enhancement minor
#1502 provide equivalent of CCTK_PASS_CTOC and CCTK_PASS_FTOF between languages new enhancement minor
#1503 Support XFAIL for test cases new enhancement major
#1513 Carpet: git complains about old repo configuration new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1522 Improve determining make dependencies new enhancement major
#1528 check that mainstream machines use correct thread binding new Erik Schnetter task major
#1540 Use clang for automated testing new enhancement minor
#1542 Define variants of CCTK_FullName and CCTK_GroupName that don't require calling free new enhancement minor
#1546 LoopControl commit e0ddb732 contains Fortran 2003 code new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1553 Prevent the user defining non-static functions in more than one object file new enhancement minor
#1555 Simfactory: intel optionlists with rdynamic option new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1564 EinsteinExact should output the RHS as well new enhancement major
#1566 Update Cactus autoconf new defect major
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