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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1568 Reduce overhead of Formaline new enhancement major
#1579 GRHydro does not build on Blue Gene/Q new defect major
#1580 Move recorded talks to separate repository new task major
#1582 Release status page is hidden new defect major
#1583 Carpet default poison value should not be NaN new Erik Schnetter enhancement optional
#1584 CarpetIOHDF5 should support extensible datasets new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1586 All Carpet documentation should be integrated into the Cactus documentation system new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1588 Carpet/CarpetLib and Carpet/TImers both define a class Timer new Erik Schnetter defect optional
#1591 Simfactory: add -Wall and '-warn all' options to warning flags for intel compilers new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1594 Carpet steps iterations individually new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1596 init_3_timelevels leads to problems with global interpolation new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1610 Switch Cactus to 64 bits new enhancement major
#1611 Support Valgrind in Carpet/CarpetLib's poison code new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1614 introduce "damage region" to speed up SYNC after restriction new Erik Schnetter enhancement major
#1618 Compile with adaptive MPI (based on Charm++) new enhancement major
#1620 TimerReport doesn't scale very well. new defect minor
#1625 Carpet should check that the grid structure is the same on all processes new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1626 CarpetIOASCCI transfers too much data for output new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1718 MemSpeed: Re-use allocated memory new enhancement minor
#1731 NaN in Dissipation/test_ah.par test case new defect unset
#1734 New Carpet thorns CarpetTest, TestBBoxSet2, TestTimers2 new enhancement minor
#1737 upate CarpetHDF5 reader in VisIt new enhancement minor
#1745 Command line options should be accessible via run-time parameters new enhancement unset
#1752 GRHydro con2prim is not a projection new defect minor
#1754 _BSD_SOURCE in glibc apparently going away new task unset
#1758 Assert failure in LoopControl new defect unset
#1765 CarpetRegrid does not check for incorrect outer boundary size new Erik Schnetter defect unset
#1766 simfactory creates its log file in repos/log/simfactory.log rather than Cactus/log/simfactory.log new defect minor
#1767 test system does not remove old test data before running new test new defect major
#1768 Output of distrib=constant arrays new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1774 CarpetProlongateTest/test_cc_tvd_hi needs too much memory new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#1775 Add Boost to ET new enhancement minor
#1782 Show some of Stu Shapiro's movies on the ET gallery new enhancement minor
#1789 contains outdated download instructions new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1793 activating 3d output at restart results in unexpected behavior new Erik Schnetter defect unset
#1798 add backtrace script to cactus utils new enhancement unset
#1799 Missing braces in test.ccl make Cactus tests hang new defect unset
#1805 triggers statement does not include reductions output new defect unset
#1808 simplify CarpetLib's file new Erik Schnetter task optional
#1812 GetComponents needs to come with (a selected few) trusted certificates new enhancement minor
#1813 Change mechanism for comparing data in test suites new enhancement optional
#1826 config file in current directory overwrites default new defect minor
#1829 ExternalLibraries/MPI: increase verbosity when 'export VERBOSE=yes' is set new enhancement minor
#1839 McLachlan no longer accepts ML_BSSN::UseSpatialBetaDriver = "yes" new defect minor
#1841 GRHydro tracers broken new defect unset
#1842 clang-format options not valid for versions <=3.5 new defect unset
#1855 BitBucket pull requests for ET components should go to the tickets mailing list new defect major
#1856 Improve stack backtraces new Erik Schnetter enhancement optional
#1867 Refluxing crashes when reducing the number of active refinement levels new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1871 Error compiling new defect major
#1878 hdf5 deflate fragments memory new enhancement minor
#1879 Remove the need for McLachlan helper thorns new enhancement optional
#1886 Browse source in trac website refers to svn code new defect optional
#1887 Error Running new task major
#1890 formaline capture simfactory information new Erik Schnetter enhancement unset
#1901 provde aliased functions to query if a reflevel is due for update new Erik Schnetter enhancement optional
#1903 McLachlan is missing documentation new defect optional
#1906 CarpetRegrid2: possible off-by-one error when using regrid_every parameter new Erik Schnetter defect major
#1907 bug in configuration of pthread new defect unset
#1908 Cactus: don't print schedule tree by default new enhancement optional
#1914 sim run silently overwrites existing restart output data if started from an existing restart new defect major
#1920 ADMBase implement evolution_method = "ID-apply-always" incorrecly new defect minor
#1923 make utils and simfactory ignore HWLOC=BUILD and try to copy hwloc executables from /usr/bin new defect unset
#1927 Add Read/Write tags to TwoPunctures new defect minor
#1929 Make unused/redundant gridfunction storage optional in HydroBase new defect unset
#1930 GRHydro_InitData -> HydroBase_InitData? new enhancement unset
#1933 Cactus does not compile with clang on macOS new defect minor
#1942 Use read/write tags to synchronize variables new defect major
#1943 Formaline's Simulation ID differs between processes of the same run new defect unset
#1947 Formaline does not archive Makefile CONTRIBUTERS and COPYRIGHT files correctly new defect major
#1948 Formaline does not store configs directory properly new defect minor
#1952 simfactory --substitute trys to modify a tuple new defect major
#1953 TOVSolver's TOV_Populate_Timelevels option does not set alp_p, alp_pp or shift_p, shift_pp new defect minor
#1961 Carpet treats prolongation_operator=none as prolongation_operator=sync new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#1965 use CCTK_BOOLEAN for useSpatialBetaDriver in ML_BSSN new enhancement minor
#1966 provide strerror() type function in Cactus new enhancement optional
#1969 Carpet::processor_topology = "recursive" does not work with one process new defect minor
#1978 OpenBLAS build error on some machines new defect minor
#1990 Symmetry thorn tests couple too many other thorns new defect unset
#1991 IllinoisGRMHD's magnetizedTOV.par test uses too much memory new defect minor
#1992 provide bibtext snippets for requested cittations on ET website new enhancement minor
#1994 PITTNUllCode/SphericalHarmonicRecon uses HDF5 1.8 functions new defect minor
#2004 example in New User Tutorial maybe wrong new Bill Gabella defect minor
#2011 provide fortran MPI bindings new defect major
#2012 ET wiki is not mobile friendly new enhancement major
#2016 McLachlan sets r->infty values of metric incorrectly new defect minor
#2017 McLachlan set the DIrichlet scalar for gt11 etc to zero new defect minor
#2018 Assertion 'all(stride == other.stride)' failed new Erik Schnetter defect unset
#2020 ExternalLibraries/OpenSSL does not build in parallel with the rest of Cactus new defect optional
#2024 Commits to the CTThorns repository do not get reported to the ET commits mailing list new defect minor
#2034 CarpetLib's defs.hh and file don't encapsulate defintions in a namespace new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#2035 NaNChecker should not use integer division new enhancement minor
#2036 ML_ADMConstraints is not vectorized new enhancement minor
#2037 HDF5's searches for hdf5 in the "usual" directories even when HDF5_DIR is set new defect unset
#2043 new thorn for initial data (Hydro_RNS) new enhancement optional
#2046 list of ET members out of date new defect minor
#2047 support mesh refined grid scalars and grid arrays new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#2048 WaveMoL test gaussian.par uses uninitialized memory new defect minor
#2057 ML_BSSN_bench8 does not compile due to non-existent group new defect optional
#2061 ML_BSSN claims to READ variables that it doesn't read new defect minor
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