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#498 McLachlan doesn't check metric_type new minor
#590 McLachlan should allow other thorns to set the gauge assigned Peter Diener major
#692 PunctureTracker should not depend on CarpetRegrid2 new minor
#727 Test output changes every time some tests are run assigned major
#967 GRHydro uses EOS_Omni routines without DECLARE_CCTK_FUNCTIONS new minor
#1006 ExternalLibraries' scripts handle /usr inconistently new minor
#1055 Don't write multiple variables to the same file new minor
#1071 ensure atmosphere is properly set after ID reopened major development version
#1170 ExternalLibraries handle XXX_DIR XXX_INC_DIRS and XXX_LIB_DIRS inconsistently new minor
#1201 Incorrect dtshift in Exact with shift_add_{x,y,z} parameters new major
#1223 Formaline always triggeres new link new minor development version
#1276 Intel 2013.1.117 mis-compiles NewRad reopened major development version
#1320 reconstruct_Wv with cell centering violates angular momentum conservation new Roland Haas minor
#1326 running loopcontrol on strange number of threads fails new minor
#1371 handle vector groups of vectors correctly in Periodic, RotatingSymmetry90, RotatingSymmetry180, etc. reopened major
#1375 Slab does not fill in outmost layer of points in mesh refinement levels new minor development version
#1404 GRHydro InitialAtmosphereReset in INITIAL only scheduled for non-MHD call new minor development version
#1427 Poloidal magnentic field warning should be output at run time, not at compile time new minor development version
#1431 Issue with McLachlan and ADMBase::initial_shift new minor development version
#1440 PITTNullCode lacks documentation new major development version
#1481 Hidden hard-coded limits on max_l_modes and max_vars in Multipole new minor
#1490 ExternalLibraries/PAPI contains testsuite, but no data assigned Peter Diener minor development version
#1630 ML_BSSN harmonic shift is ill-posed confirmed major development version
#1631 The dgfe branch for McLachlan generates NaNs reopened Erik Schnetter optional development version
#1646 McLachlan does not give a reference for the gauge evolution equations confirmed minor development version
#1671 ExternalLibraries/HDF5 LIBSZ_DIR points to wrong place reopened minor development version
#1713 Avoid build-time warning confirmed minor development version
#1717 hwloc: lnuma & lltdl *really* required? reopened minor development version
#1752 GRHydro con2prim is not a projection new minor development version
#1769 Deal with Fortran module files in standard C include paths (where they don't belong, but might have been placed by the system) reopened major development version
#1839 McLachlan no longer accepts ML_BSSN::UseSpatialBetaDriver = "yes" new minor development version
#1841 GRHydro tracers broken new unset development version
#1871 Error compiling new major development version
#1903 McLachlan is missing documentation new optional development version
#1907 bug in configuration of pthread new unset development version
#1920 ADMBase implement evolution_method = "ID-apply-always" incorrecly new minor development version
#1943 Formaline's Simulation ID differs between processes of the same run new unset development version
#1947 Formaline does not archive Makefile CONTRIBUTERS and COPYRIGHT files correctly new major development version
#1948 Formaline does not store configs directory properly new minor development version
#1953 TOVSolver's TOV_Populate_Timelevels option does not set alp_p, alp_pp or shift_p, shift_pp new minor development version
#1978 OpenBLAS build error on some machines new minor development version
#1989 CarpetInterp2 array access out of bounds in llamawavetoy_7patch test on 2 processes confirmed minor development version
#1990 Symmetry thorn tests couple too many other thorns new unset development version
#1991 IllinoisGRMHD's magnetizedTOV.par test uses too much memory new minor development version
#1994 PITTNUllCode/SphericalHarmonicRecon uses HDF5 1.8 functions new minor development version
#2011 provide fortran MPI bindings new major development version
#2016 McLachlan sets r->infty values of metric incorrectly new minor development version
#2017 McLachlan set the DIrichlet scalar for gt11 etc to zero new minor development version
#2020 ExternalLibraries/OpenSSL does not build in parallel with the rest of Cactus new optional development version
#2030 Multi-block boundaries leave uninitialized boundary points confirmed major development version
#2061 ML_BSSN claims to READ variables that it doesn't read new minor development version
#2062 Unused functions in ML_BSSN new minor development version
#2067 Tov collapse sim not working new minor ET_2016_05
#2075 caol from LORENE2 requires RCS ident command new minor development version
#2129 systemtopology fails to compile with hwloc 2.0 new major development version
#2132 Formaline's ccldeps files are not removed by make-cleandeps new minor development version
#2160 QuasiLocalMeasures qlm_spin doesn't work for spins not aligned along the z axis new unset development version
#2170 compiling PETSc produces warnings new minor development version
#2179 NaNChecker: fix output of NaNMask reopened minor development version
#2183 PAPI fails to compile with gcc 8 new major development version
#2184 PAPI does not detect ifort correctly review minor ET_2019_02 development version
#2185 PAPI's compilation produces warnings review minor development version
#2205 hwloc in OpenMPI self-built code uses CUDA and OpenCL new major development version
#2210 Multipole: Added code to test mode orthonormality review optional development version
#2212 Meudon_Bin_NS parameter eos_table_filepath ignored by LORENE1 new major development version
#2215 Hydro_RNSID cleanup review optional development version
#2219 fix sqrt() for AVX512, updates to Vectors thorn review Roland Haas major ET_2019_02 development version
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