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#1731 NaN in Dissipation/test_ah.par test case new unset Other
#1743 Reduce number of output files per directory reopened unset Other
#1758 Assert failure in LoopControl new unset Other
#1765 CarpetRegrid does not check for incorrect outer boundary size new Erik Schnetter unset Carpet
#1793 activating 3d output at restart results in unexpected behavior new Erik Schnetter unset Carpet
#1799 Missing braces in test.ccl make Cactus tests hang new unset Cactus
#1805 triggers statement does not include reductions output new unset Other
#1841 GRHydro tracers broken new unset EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1842 clang-format options not valid for versions <=3.5 new unset Cactus
#1907 bug in configuration of pthread new unset EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1911 Hydro_InitExcision sphere_pugh_ppm test fails assigned Roland Haas unset ET_2018_02 Other
#1923 make utils and simfactory ignore HWLOC=BUILD and try to copy hwloc executables from /usr/bin new unset SimFactory
#1929 Make unused/redundant gridfunction storage optional in HydroBase new unset Other
#1940 Explicitly identify flesh as "Cactus" instead of "thorn src" reopened unset Cactus
#1943 Formaline's Simulation ID differs between processes of the same run new unset EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1990 Symmetry thorn tests couple too many other thorns new unset EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2018 Assertion 'all(stride == other.stride)' failed new Erik Schnetter unset Carpet
#2031 Option to disable Piraha assigned Steven R. Brandt unset Other
#2037 HDF5's searches for hdf5 in the "usual" directories even when HDF5_DIR is set new unset Cactus
#2086 Perform only spatial prolongation when using a single timelevel and tag 'prolongation="copy"' new Erik Schnetter unset Carpet
#2094 Regularly Send Doodle/WhenIsGood Polls for ETK Telecons new unset Other
#2106 Make ParseFile.c more robust reopened unset Cactus
#2139 The initial data used in arXiv: 1304.5544 are not downloadable now. assigned Roland Haas unset ET_2018_02 EinsteinToolkit website
#2160 QuasiLocalMeasures qlm_spin doesn't work for spins not aligned along the z axis new unset EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2163 add Windows 10 + Ubuntu Linux subsystem to list of systems supported for new user tutorial new unset Other
#2171 PAPI Compile Issues with Intel 19 beta on Ubuntu 18.04 new unset Other
#2177 CarpetInterp tree_search fails when using Carpet with manual topology specified new unset Other
#2191 parameter file download seems wrong in Gallery: Binary black hole GW150914 new unset Other
#2192 schedule.ccl SYNC allows for [timelevels] suffixes assigned Steven R. Brandt unset Other
#2194 Memory increase during regridding new unset Other
#2196 Compilation error when running command ./simfactory/bin/sim build --mdbkey make 'make -j2' --thornlist ../ | cat new unset Cactus
#499 Prolongation fails with vectorisation enabled new Erik Schnetter optional Carpet
#1206 CCTK_ParameterFilename is not documented new optional Cactus
#1343 Cactus ParameterGetXXX functions return values for non-active thorns new optional Cactus
#1383 CarpetLib's prolongate_3d_rf2 contains non thread safe self-test new Erik Schnetter optional Carpet
#1386 LocalInterp contains unneeded tests in the innermost interpolation loop new optional Cactus
#1452 config.guess doesn't recognize arm-linux-gnueabihf new optional Cactus
#1470 make Util_GetHandle case insensitive new optional Cactus
#1520 src/piraha does not adhere to Cactus coding style assigned Steven R. Brandt optional Other
#1588 Carpet/CarpetLib and Carpet/TImers both define a class Timer new Erik Schnetter optional Carpet
#1631 The dgfe branch for McLachlan generates NaNs reopened Erik Schnetter optional EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1665 move higher order restriction parameters from CarpetLib to Carpet confirmed Erik Schnetter optional Carpet
#1847 FFTW3 fortran interface not working for system installation reopened optional Cactus
#1886 Browse source in trac website refers to svn code new optional Cactus website
#1903 McLachlan is missing documentation new optional EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2020 ExternalLibraries/OpenSSL does not build in parallel with the rest of Cactus new optional EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2057 ML_BSSN_bench8 does not compile due to non-existent group new optional Other
#2210 Multipole: Added code to test mode orthonormality review optional EinsteinToolkit thorn
#26 remove chained jobs in reverse order new mthomas minor SimFactory
#41 When an external library is rebuilt, its dependencies should also be rebuilt new minor Cactus
#57 holdingpattern should not be a required key new mthomas minor SimFactory
#64 Refactor/redesign archiving new mthomas minor SimFactory
#68 GetComponents non interactive in case of certificate issues. review Eric Seidel minor GetComponents
#117 Error while building multiple configurations new mthomas minor SimFactory
#127 Restarts should have hard link to executable reopened mthomas minor SimFactory
#168 Document "direct" version of sim submit new mthomas minor SimFactory
#305 Machine entry in defs.local.ini but not in mdb leads to bad error message new mthomas minor SimFactory
#324 Unknown MDB keys should lead to syntax error new mthomas minor SimFactory
#340 Improve error message when parameter file is not found new mthomas minor SimFactory
#341 Output of submit script seems lost new mthomas minor SimFactory
#343 distribute script requires simfactory to be in a directory called "simfactory" new mthomas minor SimFactory
#346 Detect when --reconfig is necessary new minor Cactus
#376 Rename "holdingpattern" to "heldpattern" new mthomas minor SimFactory
#380 The number of timelevels for the AHFinder mask needs to be set to something intelligent. new minor Other
#398 --update changes files even if they are not changed new Eric Seidel minor GetComponents
#407 Rebuild from scratch when the option list file name changes new mthomas minor SimFactory
#423 Treat unknown MDB entries as errors new mthomas minor SimFactory
#426 Fortran module files should not go into scratch directory new minor Cactus
#464 create-submit without simulation name gives bad error message new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#497 Cannot recover a moved simulation new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#498 McLachlan doesn't check metric_type new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#500 advanded simfactory 2.0 tutorial out of date new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#508 list-simulations displays job ID when it doesn't make any sense reopened Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#531 Problem with adding/removing configuration.ccl files new minor Cactus
#592 simfactory --mdbkey syntax is horrible new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#630 Some processor number combinations don't work on Kraken new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#673 Broken links on new Erik Schnetter minor Carpet
#692 PunctureTracker should not depend on CarpetRegrid2 new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#757 rsync ignores .rsync.rules files in the Cactus ROOT directory new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#767 Removing header files may lead to build failures (was: removing the last REQUIRES item from configuration.ccl leads to build failures) new minor Cactus
#811 Carpet::processor_topology="recursive" breaks when using multipatch grids (Llama) assigned Erik Schnetter minor Carpet
#887 SimFactory problems when running from cron new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#920 CarpetLib::check_communication_schedule fails in 2D output routines new Erik Schnetter minor Carpet
#931 CartGrid3D's dependency on Boundary reopened minor Cactus
#948 Do not use bare "except:" new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#957 Store replacements in simulation properties new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#967 GRHydro uses EOS_Omni routines without DECLARE_CCTK_FUNCTIONS new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#970 CarpetLib::barriers fails with multipatch new Erik Schnetter minor Carpet
#975 Check dependencies after presubmitting new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#981 simfactory fails on hopper when the login shell is csh new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#1006 ExternalLibraries' scripts handle /usr inconistently new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1022 GetComponents should recognise absolute path in --root new Eric Seidel minor GetComponents
#1044 Gnuplot Cactus visualisation page has multiple issues new minor Cactus website
#1045 URL field should be optional new Eric Seidel minor GetComponents
#1055 Don't write multiple variables to the same file new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1072 User guide does not explain how to use boolean parameters from Fortran. new minor Cactus
#1083 Cactus doesn't like switching thorns between arrangements new minor Cactus
#1094 Support job chaining on Surveyor/Intrepid new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#1111 Missing fortran compiler prevents CCTK_REAL8 from being defined. new minor Cactus
#1170 ExternalLibraries handle XXX_DIR XXX_INC_DIRS and XXX_LIB_DIRS inconsistently new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
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