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#2067 Tov collapse sim not working new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#423 Treat unknown MDB entries as errors new mthomas minor SimFactory
#1045 URL field should be optional new Eric Seidel minor GetComponents
#1881 Unclear error message for parameter file error accepted Steven R. Brandt minor Cactus
#946 Undefined symbol ___emutls_get_address new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#324 Unknown MDB keys should lead to syntax error new mthomas minor SimFactory
#2062 Unused functions in ML_BSSN new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1566 Update Cactus autoconf new major Cactus
#396 Update Carpet documentation on the web new Erik Schnetter major Carpet
#1942 Use read/write tags to synchronize variables new major Other
#1072 User guide does not explain how to use boolean parameters from Fortran. new minor Cactus
#1663 VisIT CarpetHDF5 plugin pseudocolor error confirmed major Other
#2048 WaveMoL test gaussian.par uses uninitialized memory new minor Cactus
#41 When an external library is rebuilt, its dependencies should also be rebuilt new minor Cactus
#1776 Wrong mpirun copied to utilities directory in MPI thorn confirmed minor Other
#1793 activating 3d output at restart results in unexpected behavior new Erik Schnetter unset Carpet
#2163 add Windows 10 + Ubuntu Linux subsystem to list of systems supported for new user tutorial new unset Other
#973 add force-realclean facility to Cactus build system new major Cactus
#500 advanded simfactory 2.0 tutorial out of date new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#2133 do not detect multi-arch correctly new minor Cactus
#1907 bug in configuration of pthread new unset EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2162 buliding the ET on a new machine is hard new major Other
#2075 caol from LORENE2 requires RCS ident command new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1842 clang-format options not valid for versions <=3.5 new unset Cactus
#1506 compiling Cactus on Windows reopened minor Cactus
#2170 compiling PETSc produces warnings new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1826 config file in current directory overwrites default new minor SimFactory
#1452 config.guess doesn't recognize arm-linux-gnueabihf new optional Cactus
#2069 connection failures to reopened Steven R. Brandt major EinsteinToolkit website
#1889 correct finding normalization value for relerr compuation reopened minor Cactus
#464 create-submit without simulation name gives bad error message new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#1853 diagonal output in CarpetIOHDF5 disabled confirmed Erik Schnetter minor Carpet
#343 distribute script requires simfactory to be in a directory called "simfactory" new mthomas minor SimFactory
#1466 document "old" reduction interface new minor Cactus
#1071 ensure atmosphere is properly set after ID reopened major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2004 example in New User Tutorial maybe wrong new Bill Gabella minor Other
#2211 gh::regrid contains code whose runtime is quadratic in number of components review minor Carpet
#1371 handle vector groups of vectors correctly in Periodic, RotatingSymmetry90, RotatingSymmetry180, etc. reopened major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#57 holdingpattern should not be a required key new mthomas minor SimFactory
#2205 hwloc in OpenMPI self-built code uses CUDA and OpenCL new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1717 hwloc: lnuma & lltdl *really* required? reopened minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1596 init_3_timelevels leads to problems with global interpolation new Erik Schnetter major Carpet
#2149 jupyter tutorial only evolves TOV star for very short time assigned Roland Haas major EinsteinToolkit website
#2150 jupyter tutorial uses create-run to run TOV simulation in foreground assigned Roland Haas major EinsteinToolkit website
#2046 list of ET members out of date new minor EinsteinToolkit website
#508 list-simulations displays job ID when it doesn't make any sense reopened Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#1342 list-simulations shows queued simulation as "finished" new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1454 main timer has value 0 in timer tree XML output new Erik Schnetter minor Carpet
#1470 make Util_GetHandle case insensitive new optional Cactus
#2190 make sim-ThornGuide fails assigned Steven R. Brandt minor Cactus
#1923 make utils and simfactory ignore HWLOC=BUILD and try to copy hwloc executables from /usr/bin new unset SimFactory
#1448 move PARAMCHECK before WRAGH new minor Cactus
#1665 move higher order restriction parameters from CarpetLib to Carpet confirmed Erik Schnetter optional Carpet
#1869 output active regions for IOHDF5 assigned Erik Schnetter minor Carpet
#2191 parameter file download seems wrong in Gallery: Binary black hole GW150914 new unset Other
#2052 piraha assumes that assert(false) always aborts assigned Steven R. Brandt minor Cactus
#2089 piraha uses Carp::confess() rather than CST_error new minor Cactus
#2011 provide fortran MPI bindings new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1274 python trace instead of error message when simulation name is missing new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#1320 reconstruct_Wv with cell centering violates angular momentum conservation new Roland Haas minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2138 release announcement for Cactus 4.4.0 menions wrong version reopened major Cactus website
#26 remove chained jobs in reverse order new mthomas minor SimFactory
#857 removing configs/NAME/config-info leaves configuation in problematic state new major Cactus
#2156 responsibilities of each maintainer page is outdated new minor EinsteinToolkit website
#757 rsync ignores .rsync.rules files in the Cactus ROOT directory new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#1326 running loopcontrol on strange number of threads fails new minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2192 schedule.ccl SYNC allows for [timelevels] suffixes assigned Steven R. Brandt unset Other
#2088 setting cctk_parser = "old" in sbin/CST does not completely disable piraha new minor Cactus
#2070 shallow checkouts do not work with branches reopened minor GetComponents
#389 show-output does not expand @SIMULATION_NAME@ new mthomas major SimFactory
#977 sim login ignores envsetup new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1914 sim run silently overwrites existing restart output data if started from an existing restart new major SimFactory
#592 simfactory --mdbkey syntax is horrible new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#2116 simfactory --remote does not detect incorrect options new major SimFactory
#1952 simfactory --substitute trys to modify a tuple new major SimFactory
#1766 simfactory creates its log file in repos/log/simfactory.log rather than Cactus/log/simfactory.log new minor SimFactory
#1647 simfactory default for <1 node jobs confirmed Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#731 simfactory does not expand @MACHINE@ in the SubmitScript if submitted with option --submitscriipt new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#981 simfactory fails on hopper when the login shell is csh new Erik Schnetter minor SimFactory
#2198 simfactory's user level run command does not record jobid in a segment's properties.ini file new minor SimFactory
#1472 simfactory:dsitribute key envsetup should be optional new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#2200 some test may be non-deterministic new major Cactus
#2197 spam in trac new major EinsteinToolkit website
#1520 src/piraha does not adhere to Cactus coding style assigned Steven R. Brandt optional Other
#2137 ssl certificate for does not match common name reopened minor EinsteinToolkit website
#1548 stdout redirection in multithreading scenario reopened major Cactus
#2115 supermike II fails to compile new minor SimFactory
#2129 systemtopology fails to compile with hwloc 2.0 new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1242 test system does not pause if test fails to run new minor Cactus
#1767 test system does not remove old test data before running new test new major Cactus
#1062 the flesh allows a private parameter and a shared parameter of the same name new major Cactus
#2143 trac statistics link is broken assigned Steven R. Brandt minor Other
#1805 triggers statement does not include reductions output new unset Other
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