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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#120 Improve built-in help system new mthomas major SimFactory
#228 Make it easier for users to create accounts on TRAC new major Server Infrastructure
#270 Need web instructions for building on a new machine accepted dcastl2 major EinsteinToolkit website
#294 Idea for interactive commands running a command new mthomas major SimFactory
#356 Test checkpoint/restart and presubmission new mthomas major SimFactory
#367 When a repo URL changes, GetComponents should offer more help accepted Eric Seidel major GetComponents
#418 Introduce "restart" command new mthomas major SimFactory
#429 Parallelising AEILocalInterp reopened Erik Schnetter major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#456 Ensure functions are not defined twice new major Cactus
#487 SimFactory should allow steering of parameters between restarts new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#502 SimFactory user-guide should be available and updated automatically assigned Ian Hinder major SimFactory
#541 Use ssh control connections to speed up remote access new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#543 Change diff format in GetComponents new Eric Seidel major GetComponents
#545 Use ssh ProxyCommand instead of multiple ssh commands reopened Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#577 Formaline: Add thorn tarballs to thorns new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#582 Semi-automatically split McLachlan's calculations assigned major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#593 Use shared libraries in Cactus new major Cactus
#598 Point to other, similar codes new major EinsteinToolkit website
#606 Support Peter's new load balancing scheme in Carpet new Erik Schnetter major Carpet
#620 Simplify timelevel handling for Cactus thorn writers reopened major Cactus
#627 add coordinates of minimum and maximum in reduction operators new major Cactus
#641 Parameter files and thornlists could be tested as part of the release process confirmed major Other
#654 Make SphericalSlice part of the ET new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#658 ET component homepages new major EinsteinToolkit website
#709 "sim cleanup" without arguments should clean up all simulations new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#711 Choose number of cores based on memory requirements new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#736 Output global load imbalance new Erik Schnetter major Carpet
#761 Fold option list, submit script, and run script into mdb new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#822 Provide generic output routines new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#834 Provide access to CarpetLib timers new Erik Schnetter major Carpet
#871 Use SQLite as Formaline back-end new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#872 Formaline should post its simulation metadata to a central server new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#876 Allow optional thorns in the thorn list new major Cactus
#880 Improve McLachlan documentation new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#881 Add "makedoc" command to Simfactory new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#899 Push testsuite results to a git repository new major Cactus
#923 Clarify what Simfactory replaces in templates new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#943 Redesign ADMBase new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#963 Improve McLachlan accuracy reopened major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#983 Improvements to "list-simulations" new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1065 Pass CCTK_ARGUMENTS more efficiently in Fortran new major Cactus
#1066 Implement IMEX integrators in MoL reopened major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1075 Test cases with specific number of processes reopened major Cactus
#1101 Test system output format should be extensible and easy to parse programmatically new major Cactus
#1138 Add descriptor files to repositories new Eric Seidel major GetComponents
#1150 Simfactory: it doesn't honor --procs when running testsuites new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1155 Add "-n" option to Simfactory new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1166 Add non-vectorised test cases new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1175 Improving the treatment of external libraries new major Cactus
#1185 Automate auto-generating code new major Other
#1188 GetComponents should output the total number of components to be downloaded new Eric Seidel major GetComponents
#1196 Improve performance of Multipole interpolation new major Other
#1230 Make Cactus test suite mechanism independent of Carpet's domain decomposition new major Cactus
#1258 output all parameters in xml new major Cactus
#1265 SimFactory does not support job chaining on supermuc new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1268 Cross-references in reference manual should be easier new major Cactus
#1284 Want stand-alone parameter parser new major Cactus
#1286 SimFactory should not run queued chained jobs if a previous job fails new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1312 quick rsync for simfactory new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1327 Delay subsequent restarts in the case of certain problems new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1335 SimFactory should abort if there are no checkpoint files when submitting an existing configuration new Erik Schnetter major SimFactory
#1370 Provide a framework for simulation metadata new major Cactus
#1413 Idea: Script to generate bug report new major Other
#1425 git repositories checkout into main tree new Eric Seidel major GetComponents
#1447 support "replay" mode new major Cactus
#1477 Parallelize AEILocalInterp new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1503 Support XFAIL for test cases new major Cactus
#1522 Improve determining make dependencies new major Cactus
#1560 Calculate solution error in EinsteinExact reopened major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1564 EinsteinExact should output the RHS as well new major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1568 Reduce overhead of Formaline new major Cactus
#1610 Switch Cactus to 64 bits new major Cactus
#1614 introduce "damage region" to speed up SYNC after restriction new Erik Schnetter major Carpet
#1618 Compile with adaptive MPI (based on Charm++) new major Cactus
#1628 Enable padding by default confirmed major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1674 Switch to OpenBLAS reopened major Other
#1698 The ET tickets should be tidied up assigned Steven R. Brandt major Server Infrastructure
#1865 Automatically start SystemTopology reopened Erik Schnetter major Carpet
#1868 automatically resubmit run if terminated due to walltime reopened major SimFactory
#1917 sim setup should automatically set up the machine for common OSes confirmed major SimFactory
#2012 ET wiki is not mobile friendly new major EinsteinToolkit website
#2064 Add GiRaFFE to the Einstein Toolkit review Roland Haas major ET_2018_08 EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2101 Add Lean_public and Proca thorns to the ET assigned Steven R. Brandt major ET_2018_08 EinsteinToolkit thorn
#11 Provide more options for job-chaining assigned mthomas minor SimFactory
#30 Implement a "get" command new mthomas minor SimFactory
#52 Ensure consistency between configurations on different systems new mthomas minor SimFactory
#73 Decouple submit and run scripts from configurations new mthomas minor SimFactory
#84 Make GetComponents robust to transient network errors accepted Eric Seidel minor GetComponents
#122 Code documentation new mthomas minor SimFactory
#136 Don't rebuild external libraries so often reopened minor Cactus
#137 Add option to list only active simulations new mthomas minor SimFactory
#161 Support valgrind as debug/performance tool new mthomas minor SimFactory
#162 Document CCTK_GFINDEX3D and friends in reference manual accepted dcastl2 minor Cactus
#164 Support user directories for configuration files new mthomas minor SimFactory
#178 New command that runs non-interactively new mthomas minor SimFactory
#184 Configuration variables used in thorn configuration scripts not checked at configure time new minor Cactus
#210 Introduce a "wait" command that waits until a simulation is finished new mthomas minor SimFactory
#217 Improve handling of nonexistent schedule groups new minor Cactus
#222 Dubious code in Hydro_InitExcision.c reopened Erik Schnetter minor Cactus
#229 Using a nonexistent header file should lead to an error message new minor Cactus
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