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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Version
#136 Don't rebuild external libraries so often reopened minor
#162 Document CCTK_GFINDEX3D and friends in reference manual accepted dcastl2 minor
#184 Configuration variables used in thorn configuration scripts not checked at configure time new minor
#217 Improve handling of nonexistent schedule groups new minor
#222 Dubious code in Hydro_InitExcision.c reopened Erik Schnetter minor
#229 Using a nonexistent header file should lead to an error message new minor
#394 Testsuite log file should contain more information confirmed minor
#450 Output elapsed times for test cases assigned dcastl2 minor
#456 Ensure functions are not defined twice new major
#593 Use shared libraries in Cactus new major
#620 Simplify timelevel handling for Cactus thorn writers reopened major
#627 add coordinates of minimum and maximum in reduction operators new major
#629 Allow parameters to be marked as deprecated in param.ccl files new minor
#653 Create a CACTUS_EXE_DIR variable new minor
#665 CarpetIO* output parameter format error new minor
#705 Activation Order in Parameter Files new minor
#720 check at runtime that all REQUIREd and OPTIONAL thorns and capabilities are active new minor
#808 testsuites in HDF5 assigned minor development version
#844 Ability to specify single variables in SYNC, not just groups new minor development version
#876 Allow optional thorns in the thorn list new major
#891 Cactus should define 'restrict' for CUDA, with a value dependent on autoconf information new minor
#899 Push testsuite results to a git repository new major
#932 Test system should output details of the compiler used new minor
#961 Add an option for enabling floating point exceptions new minor
#1001 Distinguish between local and global reduction handles new minor
#1040 Maintainer's guide should be updated new optional
#1042 Cactus should know more about allowed configuration options new minor
#1065 Pass CCTK_ARGUMENTS more efficiently in Fortran new major
#1069 Create status page for services new minor
#1075 Test cases with specific number of processes reopened major
#1101 Test system output format should be extensible and easy to parse programmatically new major
#1175 Improving the treatment of external libraries new major
#1180 new option to save build logs of each compiled file new optional development version
#1230 Make Cactus test suite mechanism independent of Carpet's domain decomposition new major
#1258 output all parameters in xml new major development version
#1268 Cross-references in reference manual should be easier new major
#1280 include warning in "No files created in test directory" test system output if no extensions were registered new minor
#1284 Want stand-alone parameter parser new major
#1298 Run part of CST before external libraries new minor development version
#1301 Formaline should store the thornlist new minor
#1370 Provide a framework for simulation metadata new major
#1419 Cactus should produce no errors in Valgrind new minor development version
#1447 support "replay" mode new major development version
#1471 Cactus should auto-detect newer versions of GCC from MacPorts new minor development version
#1474 compile ExternalLibraries with other thorns rather than when CST runs new minor development version
#1475 Cactus scripting language integration new optional development version
#1494 Allow skipping of MoL_PostStep and MoL_PseudoEvolutionBoundaries in POSTRESTRICT reopened minor development version
#1502 provide equivalent of CCTK_PASS_CTOC and CCTK_PASS_FTOF between languages new minor development version
#1503 Support XFAIL for test cases new major development version
#1522 Improve determining make dependencies new major development version
#1523 Use Piraha to Parse all CCL files accepted Steven R. Brandt optional Cactus_4.4.0 development version
#1532 The ET should handle "optional" thorns (OpenCL ect) in a better way. reopened Erik Schnetter minor development version
#1542 Define variants of CCTK_FullName and CCTK_GroupName that don't require calling free new minor development version
#1553 Prevent the user defining non-static functions in more than one object file new minor development version
#1568 Reduce overhead of Formaline new major development version
#1610 Switch Cactus to 64 bits new major development version
#1618 Compile with adaptive MPI (based on Charm++) new major development version
#1637 MoL should automatically allocate storage for sufficient timelevels of evolved variables confirmed minor development version
#1654 All accessible Cactus flesh functions should either be documented or deprecated confirmed optional development version
#1708 Add autoconf detection for #pragma omp simd confirmed minor development version
#1720 Provide a mechanism for determining why a Cactus simulation stopped running confirmed minor development version
#1738 Update requirements documentation for Cactus confirmed minor development version
#1745 Command line options should be accessible via run-time parameters new unset development version
#1791 Allow aligning the interior of grid functions in looping macros assigned Erik Schnetter minor development version
#1813 Change mechanism for comparing data in test suites new optional development version
#1908 Cactus: don't print schedule tree by default new optional development version
#1966 provide strerror() type function in Cactus new optional development version
#2092 make Cactus build system support non-interactive use eg in Jupyter notebooks new optional development version
#2104 Support NixOS review unset development version
#2110 bash_utils find_lib error check confirmed Ian Hinder minor development version
#2112 move CCTK_MyHost and friends into flesh new minor development version
#2201 included walltime clock in CCTK_VWarn and CCTK_VInfo output reopened optional development version
#2207 support all of C++11 in Cactus or the Einstein Toolkit new minor development version
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