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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Version
#84 Make GetComponents robust to transient network errors accepted Eric Seidel minor
#206 Add --xml option to GetComponents accepted Eric Seidel optional
#367 When a repo URL changes, GetComponents should offer more help accepted Eric Seidel major
#369 Add command to update thorn list accepted Eric Seidel minor
#433 GetComponents to report updated components new Eric Seidel optional
#543 Change diff format in GetComponents new Eric Seidel major
#762 support git-svn repositories new Eric Seidel optional
#1049 GetComponents should ignore changes from anonymous to authorized URLs when checking if the URL changed new Eric Seidel optional
#1138 Add descriptor files to repositories new Eric Seidel major
#1188 GetComponents should output the total number of components to be downloaded new Eric Seidel major
#1247 add option to GetComponents to output revision of each checkout component new Eric Seidel minor
#1396 Display prompts of executed commands reopened Eric Seidel optional development version
#1425 git repositories checkout into main tree new Eric Seidel major development version
#1662 Only ask once for auth info for bitbucket/github confirmed Eric Seidel minor development version
#1812 GetComponents needs to come with (a selected few) trusted certificates new minor development version
#2081 Provide a method to upgrade an ET checkout from one release to the next confirmed minor development version
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