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#2034 CarpetLib's defs.hh and file don't encapsulate defintions in a namespace new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#2035 NaNChecker should not use integer division new enhancement minor
#2036 ML_ADMConstraints is not vectorized new enhancement minor
#2046 list of ET members out of date new defect minor
#2047 support mesh refined grid scalars and grid arrays new Erik Schnetter enhancement minor
#2048 WaveMoL test gaussian.par uses uninitialized memory new defect minor
#2052 piraha assumes that assert(false) always aborts assigned Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#2055 Move gallery examples to EinsteinExamples repository reopened enhancement minor
#2059 SimFactory should detect the number of cores automatically reopened enhancement minor
#2061 ML_BSSN claims to READ variables that it doesn't read new defect minor
#2062 Unused functions in ML_BSSN new defect minor
#2065 Add a Debian-style 'popularity contest' to the ET new enhancement minor
#2070 shallow checkouts do not work with branches reopened defect minor
#2075 caol from LORENE2 requires RCS ident command new defect minor
#2081 Provide a method to upgrade an ET checkout from one release to the next confirmed enhancement minor
#2088 setting cctk_parser = "old" in sbin/CST does not completely disable piraha new defect minor
#2089 piraha uses Carp::confess() rather than CST_error new defect minor
#2095 Upgrade Trac from 0.12 confirmed Steven R. Brandt task minor
#2100 Host a collection of numerical relativity talk slides confirmed enhancement minor
#2110 bash_utils find_lib error check confirmed Ian Hinder enhancement minor
#2112 move CCTK_MyHost and friends into flesh new enhancement minor
#2114 Carpet/Carpet/test/64k2.par test fails on Jenkins test machine new Erik Schnetter defect minor
#2115 supermike II fails to compile new defect minor
#2120 check that all parfiles that set ADMMacros::spatial_order also set GRHydro::sources_spatial_order to the same value review task minor ET_2018_02
#2121 simfactory should have a reviewed_not_ok state new enhancement minor
#2127 add sanity and safety checks to EOS_Omni review enhancement minor
#2132 Formaline's ccldeps files are not removed by make-cleandeps new defect minor
#2133 do not detect multi-arch correctly new defect minor
#2136 integrate server status page into ET website new enhancement minor
#2137 ssl certificate for does not match common name reopened defect minor
#2143 trac statistics link is broken assigned Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#2147 new user tutorial does not show expected plot assigned Roland Haas enhancement minor
#2156 responsibilities of each maintainer page is outdated new defect minor
#2161 make ET mailing lists searchable review enhancement minor
#2164 add social media icons to ET website new enhancement minor
#2166 Chrome 68 will mark http websites as non-secure new enhancement minor
#2170 compiling PETSc produces warnings new defect minor
#2179 NaNChecker: fix output of NaNMask reopened defect minor
#2184 PAPI does not detect ifort correctly review defect minor
#2185 PAPI's compilation produces warnings review defect minor
#2187 comet files in simfactory use one MPI rank per node new enhancement minor
#2190 make sim-ThornGuide fails assigned Steven R. Brandt defect minor
#2195 Multipole Thorn: Why is max_vars set to 10? confirmed defect minor
#2198 simfactory's user level run command does not record jobid in a segment's properties.ini file new defect minor
#2204 Compilation on comet failed to due to out of memory errors new defect minor
#2206 make LORENE2 the default LORENE in the ET new enhancement minor
#2207 support all of C++11 in Cactus or the Einstein Toolkit new enhancement minor
#499 Prolongation fails with vectorisation enabled new Erik Schnetter defect optional
#1180 new option to save build logs of each compiled file new enhancement optional
#1233 McLachlan should not define one-character variables new enhancement optional
#1383 CarpetLib's prolongate_3d_rf2 contains non thread safe self-test new Erik Schnetter defect optional
#1386 LocalInterp contains unneeded tests in the innermost interpolation loop new defect optional
#1396 Display prompts of executed commands reopened Eric Seidel enhancement optional
#1452 config.guess doesn't recognize arm-linux-gnueabihf new defect optional
#1461 provide dTickets/dt or dChanges/dt plots on statistics page new enhancement optional
#1470 make Util_GetHandle case insensitive new defect optional
#1475 Cactus scripting language integration new enhancement optional
#1520 src/piraha does not adhere to Cactus coding style assigned Steven R. Brandt defect optional
#1523 Use Piraha to Parse all CCL files accepted Steven R. Brandt enhancement optional Cactus_4.4.0
#1583 Carpet default poison value should not be NaN new Erik Schnetter enhancement optional
#1588 Carpet/CarpetLib and Carpet/TImers both define a class Timer new Erik Schnetter defect optional
#1631 The dgfe branch for McLachlan generates NaNs reopened Erik Schnetter defect optional
#1654 All accessible Cactus flesh functions should either be documented or deprecated confirmed enhancement optional
#1665 move higher order restriction parameters from CarpetLib to Carpet confirmed Erik Schnetter defect optional
#1808 simplify CarpetLib's file new Erik Schnetter task optional
#1813 Change mechanism for comparing data in test suites new enhancement optional
#1831 Enable MPI in FFTW3 reopened enhancement optional
#1847 FFTW3 fortran interface not working for system installation reopened defect optional
#1856 Improve stack backtraces new Erik Schnetter enhancement optional
#1879 Remove the need for McLachlan helper thorns new enhancement optional
#1886 Browse source in trac website refers to svn code new defect optional
#1901 provde aliased functions to query if a reflevel is due for update new Erik Schnetter enhancement optional
#1903 McLachlan is missing documentation new defect optional
#1908 Cactus: don't print schedule tree by default new enhancement optional
#1966 provide strerror() type function in Cactus new enhancement optional
#2020 ExternalLibraries/OpenSSL does not build in parallel with the rest of Cactus new defect optional
#2042 new thorns for hydro analysis review enhancement optional
#2043 new thorn for initial data (Hydro_RNS) new enhancement optional
#2057 ML_BSSN_bench8 does not compile due to non-existent group new defect optional
#2092 make Cactus build system support non-interactive use eg in Jupyter notebooks new enhancement optional
#2151 thorn NSTracker cannot track unequal mass neutron star systems new enhancement optional
#2180 OpenMPI tarball in ExternalLibaries/MPI is outdated using 1.X series new enhancement optional
#2201 included walltime clock in CCTK_VWarn and CCTK_VInfo output reopened enhancement optional
#2202 collect material form ET workshops in repos in central location new task optional
#2210 Multipole: Added code to test mode orthonormality review defect optional
#1725 Disable Fortran 77 support in Cactus reopened task unset
#1731 NaN in Dissipation/test_ah.par test case new defect unset
#1743 Reduce number of output files per directory reopened defect unset
#1745 Command line options should be accessible via run-time parameters new enhancement unset
#1754 _BSD_SOURCE in glibc apparently going away new task unset
#1758 Assert failure in LoopControl new defect unset
#1765 CarpetRegrid does not check for incorrect outer boundary size new Erik Schnetter defect unset
#1798 add backtrace script to cactus utils new enhancement unset
#1799 Missing braces in test.ccl make Cactus tests hang new defect unset
#1819 CarpetMask: add option to exclude boxes reopened Erik Schnetter enhancement unset
#1841 GRHydro tracers broken new defect unset
#1842 clang-format options not valid for versions <=3.5 new defect unset
#1875 SetMask_SphericalSurface: retain mask reopened Roland Haas enhancement unset
#1890 formaline capture simfactory information new Erik Schnetter enhancement unset
#1907 bug in configuration of pthread new defect unset
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