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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#221 Simfactory should complain about unused arguments mthomas defect major SimFactory
#429 Parallelising AEILocalInterp Erik Schnetter enhancement major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#545 Use ssh ProxyCommand instead of multiple ssh commands Erik Schnetter enhancement major SimFactory
#620 Simplify timelevel handling for Cactus thorn writers enhancement major Cactus
#694 Behavior of Slab_Transfer between components owned by the same process defect major Cactus
#949 RotatingSymmetry90: abort when evaluating tensor type for Weyl scalars defect major Cactus
#963 Improve McLachlan accuracy enhancement major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1066 Implement IMEX integrators in MoL enhancement major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1071 ensure atmosphere is properly set after ID defect major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1075 Test cases with specific number of processes enhancement major Cactus
#1276 Intel 2013.1.117 mis-compiles NewRad defect major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1371 handle vector groups of vectors correctly in Periodic, RotatingSymmetry90, RotatingSymmetry180, etc. defect major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1548 stdout redirection in multithreading scenario defect major Cactus
#1560 Calculate solution error in EinsteinExact enhancement major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1658 ExternalLibraries/pciutils does not compile on Mac OS defect major Cactus
#1674 Switch to OpenBLAS enhancement major Other
#1769 Deal with Fortran module files in standard C include paths (where they don't belong, but might have been placed by the system) defect major EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1865 Automatically start SystemTopology Erik Schnetter enhancement major Carpet
#1868 automatically resubmit run if terminated due to walltime enhancement major SimFactory
#1932 ML_BSSN: other_timelevels Parameter Not Respected defect major Other
#2069 connection failures to Steven R. Brandt defect major EinsteinToolkit website
#2138 release announcement for Cactus 4.4.0 menions wrong version defect major Cactus website
#127 Restarts should have hard link to executable mthomas defect minor SimFactory
#136 Don't rebuild external libraries so often enhancement minor Cactus
#222 Dubious code in Hydro_InitExcision.c Erik Schnetter enhancement minor Cactus
#508 list-simulations displays job ID when it doesn't make any sense Erik Schnetter defect minor SimFactory
#510 Reduce default verbosity Erik Schnetter enhancement minor SimFactory
#669 Rewrite users of deprecated HDF5 C++ API task minor Other
#698 Kranc should output its directory and branch when it runs enhancement minor Kranc
#868 Write Formaline tarballs in the background enhancement minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#931 CartGrid3D's dependency on Boundary defect minor Cactus
#1077 evaluate steered value as formula in AEIThorns::Trigger enhancement minor Other
#1232 Improve output format of Carpet timer trees Erik Schnetter enhancement minor Carpet
#1382 Cactus should disable collapse sections automatically for C _and_ Fortran defect minor Cactus
#1446 use hwloc to choose ideal number of threads Erik Schnetter enhancement minor Carpet
#1455 CCTK_InterpGridArrays should give an error if an input variable index is -1 defect minor Cactus
#1494 Allow skipping of MoL_PostStep and MoL_PseudoEvolutionBoundaries in POSTRESTRICT enhancement minor Cactus
#1506 compiling Cactus on Windows defect minor Cactus
#1532 The ET should handle "optional" thorns (OpenCL ect) in a better way. Erik Schnetter enhancement minor Cactus
#1609 CarpetIOHDF5 incorrectly recovers grid scalars and arrays with DISTRIB=CONSTANT Erik Schnetter defect minor Carpet
#1656 CarpetInterp and MoL do not work properly together Erik Schnetter defect minor Carpet
#1671 ExternalLibraries/HDF5 LIBSZ_DIR points to wrong place defect minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1717 hwloc: lnuma & lltdl *really* required? defect minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1889 correct finding normalization value for relerr compuation defect minor Cactus
#1946 sim setup should create a section for the current machine enhancement minor SimFactory
#1949 provide floating branch to "current release" and links to it enhancement minor Other
#2055 Move gallery examples to EinsteinExamples repository enhancement minor EinsteinToolkit website
#2059 SimFactory should detect the number of cores automatically enhancement minor SimFactory
#2070 shallow checkouts do not work with branches defect minor GetComponents
#2137 ssl certificate for does not match common name defect minor EinsteinToolkit website
#2179 NaNChecker: fix output of NaNMask defect minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1396 Display prompts of executed commands Eric Seidel enhancement optional GetComponents
#1631 The dgfe branch for McLachlan generates NaNs Erik Schnetter defect optional EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1831 Enable MPI in FFTW3 enhancement optional EinsteinToolkit thorn
#1847 FFTW3 fortran interface not working for system installation defect optional Cactus
#2201 included walltime clock in CCTK_VWarn and CCTK_VInfo output enhancement optional Cactus
#1725 Disable Fortran 77 support in Cactus task unset Other
#1743 Reduce number of output files per directory defect unset Other
#1819 CarpetMask: add option to exclude boxes Erik Schnetter enhancement unset Carpet
#1875 SetMask_SphericalSurface: retain mask Roland Haas enhancement unset Other
#1940 Explicitly identify flesh as "Cactus" instead of "thorn src" defect unset Cactus
#2106 Make ParseFile.c more robust defect unset Cactus
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