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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#68 GetComponents non interactive in case of certificate issues. Eric Seidel defect minor GetComponents
#1690 The test system should treat a nonzero exit code from Cactus as a failure defect major Cactus
#2042 new thorns for hydro analysis enhancement optional Other
#2104 Support NixOS enhancement unset Cactus
#2120 check that all parfiles that set ADMMacros::spatial_order also set GRHydro::sources_spatial_order to the same value task minor ET_2018_02 EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2127 add sanity and safety checks to EOS_Omni enhancement minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2128 Hydro_RNSID should not inherit from GRHydro defect major Other
#2161 make ET mailing lists searchable enhancement minor Cactus website
#2184 PAPI does not detect ifort correctly defect minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2185 PAPI's compilation produces warnings defect minor EinsteinToolkit thorn
#2210 Multipole: Added code to test mode orthonormality defect optional EinsteinToolkit thorn
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