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dcastl2 (2 matches)

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#831 Cactus FAQ is out of date Cactus website defect 04/26/12

The FAQ at http://cactuscode.org/documentation/faq is ancient and some of its content is irrelevant now. It would be nice for this to be revised before the next release.

#162 Document CCTK_GFINDEX3D and friends in reference manual Cactus enhancement 12/22/10

I believe the reference manual does not describe any of the CCTK_GFINDEX* and CCTK_VECTGFINDEX* functions.

Eric Seidel (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#367 When a repo URL changes, GetComponents should offer more help GetComponents enhancement 03/30/11

When a repo URL changes, GetComponents currently suggests to check out the repo from scratch (and presumably delete/ignore the old repo). This is very inflexible, in particular when the user has changes in the old repository, which often happens during development.

SVN (and presumably all other VC software) offer commands to update the URL, so that one can keep the current checkout. Of course, this makes only sense if this is the same repository that only moved to a new URL, but this seems to happen often enough.

GetComponents should at least output instructions for updating the URL.

It would be even better if GetComponents detected that new and old repo are the same, and then update the repo URL by itself.

#84 Make GetComponents robust to transient network errors GetComponents enhancement 11/05/10

I am running automated nightly checkouts using GetComponents, and every so often the checkout will fail with an error such as

Checking out module: CactusArchive/ADM

from repository: http://svn.cactuscode.org/arrangements/CactusArchive/ADM/trunk

into: ./arrangements

svn: REPORT of '/arrangements/CactusArchive/ADM/!svn/vcc/default': Could not read response body: connection was closed by server. (http://svn.cactuscode.org)

These errors are transient and go away if you retry. Would it be possible to add some logic into GetComponents to make a note of those thorns which failed to check out due to such errors and to try them again at the end of the checkout? An immediate retry might run into the same problem again.

#369 Add command to update thorn list GetComponents enhancement 03/30/11

When the thorn list changes, then I have to run GetComponents --update twice: first to update the thorn list, and then to actually check out these thorns. Currently, I have to update all thorns twice, which is a waste of time.

Ideally, GetComponents would first update the thorn list, then update itself, then update everything else, and thus perform three passes over the thorn list, but not perform the work three times. Can we achieve this somehow? For example, we could mark the CRL script and the thorn lists with special tags, and GetComponents would then perform the work in three stages, restarting in between.

#206 Add --xml option to GetComponents GetComponents enhancement 01/15/11

GetComponents should support machine readable output using XML.

Erik Schnetter (1 match)

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#445 Make Carpet timers hierarchical Carpet enhancement 06/01/11

With the current flat structure of timers in Carpet, it is difficult to identify which timers are contained in which other timers, and hence to avoid double-counting when adding up the times.

This series of patches modifies the timer infrastructure in Carpet to generate a tree of timers where the hierarchy reflects the call-graph of the program. This makes it much easier to interpret the timer output than with the previous flat structure, where it was not possible to see which timers "contained" which others. More implementation details are given at the top of TimerNode.hh.

Note that the Timer source and header files have been renamed as CactusTimer and a new Timer file and object has been created. This is because the Timer object now only provides a wrapper around the Cactus timer mechanism which was contained in the old Timer object.

New parameters output_initialise_timer_tree and output_timer_tree_every control output of a new "timer tree diagram" to standard output for the Initialise and Evolve timer trees respectively. These diagrams indicate:

  1. the value of each timer;
  2. the percentage of the given tree taken by each timer;
  3. which timers are contained in which other timers;
  4. any untimed code

for any timer which takes more than 1% of the tree time.

Making the timers hierarchical means that the ad-hoc methods used before to identify the hierarchy (such as naming the timer Evolve::Sync, for example, to indicate that the Sync timer was a child of the Evolve timer) are no longer necessary and have been removed. Additionally, the construction of timers in a "dynamic" manner is now handled automatically for all timers, so special-case code is no longer needed and has been removed.

Additionally some previously-untimed parts of the code are now timed, and timer names have been made more consistent in some places.

There is code in the patches to output the entire timer tree as an XML file, but it is not enabled.

Ideally the timer tree printed to standard output would contain reductions across processes, but at the moment it contains only the timer from the current process.

The attached "tree-example.txt" file shows an example of the timer tree that is printed for a simulation using the qc0-mclachlan parameter file from the Einstein Toolkit.

Steven R. Brandt (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1881 Unclear error message for parameter file error Cactus defect 05/01/16

I had this line in a parameter file


which is missing the = yes at the end. This is a syntax error.

I receive the following error message:

^[[1mWARNING level 0 from host zwicky002 process 0
  while executing schedule bin (none), routine (no thorn)::(no routine)
  in thorn cactus, file mk-mclachlan-funhpc.par:1:
  ->^[[0m ERROR IN PARAMETER FILE:In rule 'file::set' Line=100, Column=95
# ML_BSSN_FH::block_size_i = 4
# ML_BSSN_FH::block_size_j = 4
# ML_BSSN_FH::block_size_k = 4

ML_BSSN_FH::ML_log_confac_bound = "none"
Expected one of the following characters: [\[ \t\r\n#=]

This error message is unclear because

  • it doesn't show the line that has the error; instead, it show only the lines that follow (and that are correct)
  • the set of "following characters" is correct, but I got confused by all the white space characters that are allowed; a description "expected [ or =" might have been more clear
  • the actual error is that there is a parameter, but this parameter is not followed by a value; this is not described, since the error message has a rather low level ("next character") instead of a high level ("value missing")

#1523 Use Piraha to Parse all CCL files Cactus Cactus_4.4.0 enhancement 01/17/14

Piraha should be used to parse all the CCL files. This would give us a well-defined grammar and the ability to let other tools use the CCL files in a reliable way.

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