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support all of C++11 in Cactus or the Einstein Toolkit

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We are currently allowing a subset of C++11 to be used in Cactus and the Einstein Toolkit. Looking at the supported features are:

  • the auto specifier
  • C++ lambdas
  • C++ range based for

To support all interesting features one would need at least icpc 15 as well as g++ 4.8 and clang 3.3.

Compiler support

The major compilers provide the following information on the features they support:

This summarizes the specific C++11 language features.

Description GCC version Intel version Clang version Notes
N2672 initializer lists 4.4 14.0 3.1 Wikipedia: (1) (2)
variadic templates 4.3
12.1 2.9 Wikipedia: (1)
auto type 4.4 12.0 2.9 Wikipedia: (1)
N2930 range-based for loops 4.6 13.0 3.0 Wikipedia: (1)
N2431 nullptr constant 4.6 12.1 3.0 Wikipedia: (1)
N2927 lambda functions 4.5 12.0 3.1 Wikipedia: (1)
N3052 lambda function conversions ? 13.0 ?
N2761 standardized attributes 4.8 12.1 3.3 Wikipedia: (1)
N1986 delegating constructors 4.7 14.0 3.0 Wikipedia: (1)
N2118 rvalue references 4.3 12.0 2.9 Wikipedia: (1)
N2346 defaulted and deleted methods 4.4 12.0 2.9, 3.0 Wikipedia: (1)
N2442 raw string literals 4.5 14.0 3.0 Stackoverflow: (1)
N2235 generalized constant expressions 4.6 14.0 3.1 Wikipedia: (1)
declared type of an expression 4.3
12.0 2.9
Wikipedia: (1)
N2437 explicit conversion operators 4.5 13.0 3.0 Stroustrup 4th edition, 18.4.2
N1757 right angle brackets 4.3 11.1 2.9 >> for template arguments
N3272 override and final 4.7 14.0 3.0 Wikipedia: (1)
N2258 template aliases 4.7 12.1 3.0 Wikipedia: (1)
N3053 move special member functions 4.6 14.0 3.0
N2659 thread-local storage 4.8 15.0 3.3
N2341 Alignment support 4.8 15.0 3.3
N2756 Non-static data member initializers 4.7 14.0 3.0
N2347 Strongly-typed enums 4.4 14.0 2.9

This summarizes the specific C++11 library features.

Description libstdc++ version libc++ version Notes
std::begin, std::end 4.5 *
smart pointers <4.5 * Wikipedia: (1)
Conversion between smart pointers to convertible types is not supported until libstdc++-4.6.1
std::map::emplace 4.8
std::vector::emplace <4.5 *
<regex> 4.9 (1)
<type_traits> <4.5 (1)
<chrono> 4.4 Stroustrup 4th edition
<atomic> 4.5 (1)
std::atomic::exchange does not compile for pointer types with Intel 13 (works with Intel 14)
std::array <4.6
std::function <=4.6
  • First version unknown; libc++ claims full support for all C++11 features.

See the libstdc++-4.6.4 documentation (under for a list of unsupported traits.

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comment:1 Changed 3 months ago by Roland Haas

I had a look at the (non-personal machines) in simfactory2.

unknown status

  • angel.ini
  • compute1.ini
  • compute20.ini
  • compute2.ini
  • compute3.ini
  • compute4.ini
  • compute5.ini
  • compute.ini
  • nvidia1.ini
  • nvidia.ini
  • pi0005009.ini
  • titan.ini
  • vesta.ini # uses the IBM compiler (a Blue Gene/Q)

likely turned off =

  • philip.ini
  • shelob.ini
  • s-kraken.ini

too old if on

  • saw.ini
  • tianhe1a.ini # cannot be accessed other than through a VPN

known too old

comment:2 Changed 3 months ago by Roland Haas

saw, s-kraken and requin are very old. Last year, a set of new machines was made available to researcher. I have retired them based on suggestions by Erik.

The new machines are Cedar, Graham, and Niagara.

comment:3 Changed 3 months ago by Roland Haas

Erik says (offline) that

  • compute1.ini
  • compute20.ini
  • compute2.ini
  • compute3.ini
  • compute4.ini
  • compute5.ini
  • compute.ini
  • nvidia1.ini
  • nvidia.ini
  • pi0005009.ini
  • titan.ini

are old machines at PI that will be retired in the next month or so.

There seems to be little standing in the way of declaring C++11 to be a requirement for Cactus or the Einstein Toolkit.

comment:4 Changed 6 weeks ago by Roland Haas

I gained access to Vesta (or had before but not realised it). Turns out that even the newest IBM XL compiler (that they have, but maybe in general): @ibm-compilers-2017-10 which is version 12.1 (see does not support range based for loops of the type

#include <vector>
int main() {
std::vector<int> xs(10);
   for (int& x: xs) x = 42;
; return 0; }

and fails with

 /soft/compilers/ibmcmp-oct2017/vacpp/bg/12.1/bin/bgxlC_r -o conftest -g -qrtti -qlanglvl=autotypededuction -qlanglvl=decltype -qlanglvl=rightanglebracket:extc1x -qsuppress=1500-036 -g -DCARPET_AVOID_LAMBDA -DCARPET_USE_BOOST_FOREACH -DCARPET_USE_BOOST_SHARED_PTR -DCARPET_ENABLE_BBOXSET2 -DCARPET_USE_BBOXSET2  conftest.C  1>&5
"configure", line 7458.15: 1540-0063 (S) The text ":" is unexpected.

Thus vesta is currently not a supported machine anymore and requiring full C++11 support is not going to make things any worse. Also, given that the change requiring range based for loops is from Tue Apr 26 07:47:33 2016 -0400 git hash 86d7765529c63b69d58d869248f9c2080f53978b "Cactus: Enable C++11 by default, and require it" and that no one complained so far, it seems safe to state that vesta is not used by anyone.

I would thus suggest to mark it in simfactory as only supporting ET_2015_11 which is the release before range based loops became mandatory.

comment:5 Changed 6 weeks ago by Roland Haas

This leaves the LONI machines

  • mike.ini
  • qb.ini
  • shelob.ini
  • philip.ini

as the only ones not yet supporting C++11 (though it should be just a matter of updating the simfactory files to use a newer compiler).

Last edited 6 weeks ago by Roland Haas (previous) (diff)

comment:6 Changed 6 weeks ago by Erik Schnetter

Regarding Vesta: I find that the C++ front-end of xlC leaves much to be desired and is basically unusable for any modern C++ code. Instead of using IBM's xlC, I used to use bgclang, a version of clang with BlueGene specific optimizations <>. In other words, Vesta should still be supported, but the very old version of xlC available there isn't.

comment:7 Changed 6 weeks ago by Roland Haas

Ok, I will take a look once more. The option list uses /soft/compilers/ibmcmp-oct2017/vacpp/bg/12.1/bin/bgxlC_r which looks like the IBM xL compiler.

Looking at the website you pointed to, as well as in /soft/compilers/bgclang/wbin/ I cannot find a Fortran compiler though.

Do you know off-hand if there is one that would be compatible with clang's runtime library (eg for stdio and OpenMP threads)?

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