11:00 Ticket #1638 (Automated build and test environment should be updated to Ubuntu 14.04) created by Ian Hinder
The automated build and test environment used by the ET (see …
10:55 Ticket #1637 (MoL should automatically allocate storage for sufficient timelevels of ...) created by Ian Hinder
The MoL thorn requires that all evolved variables have at least two …
10:51 Ticket #1636 (Check and abort if more timelevels are requested than time hierarchy ...) created by Roland Haas
In order to provide a more user friendly fix for #626 we want to …


10:42 Ticket #1635 (hwloc requires a certain minimum version, but does not check for it) created by Frank Löffler
Currently, hwloc's configuration.sh searched for any hwloc library and …


13:48 Ticket #1634 (CUDA breaks CCTK_BUILTIN_UNREACHABLE) closed by Steven R. Brandt
fixed: Fixed in revision 5121
11:27 Ticket #1634 (CUDA breaks CCTK_BUILTIN_UNREACHABLE) created by Steven R. Brandt
Code containing CCTK_BUILTIN_UNREACHABLE does not compile with CUDA. …


22:11 Ticket #1633 (backport MoL revision 225) created by Roland Haas
Before MoL did not initialize the RHS grid functions of the slow …


10:41 Ticket #1629 (Use DANE for server certificates) closed by Frank Löffler
05:35 Ticket #1632 (problem with compilation) created by barmv
Ubuntu workstation, gcc and gfortran compilers. $./GetComponents …


16:02 Ticket #1631 (The dgfe branch for McLachlan generates NaNs) created by Jonah Miller <jonah.maxwell.miller@…>
When one uses the gamma driver formulation in the dgfe branch of …


22:12 Ticket #1608 (ScalarWave thorn build error on Stampede) closed by Erik Schnetter
fixed: This should have been addressed by now.
22:11 Ticket #1619 (New example thorns for CUDA and OpenCL) closed by Erik Schnetter
fixed: Committed.
22:10 Ticket #1621 (Add PAPI to the Einstein Toolkit) closed by Erik Schnetter
fixed: Commited.


10:06 Ticket #1630 (ML_BSSN harmonic shift is ill-posed) created by Erik Schnetter
The implementation of the ML_BSSN harmonic shift is ill-posed. It …


10:08 Ticket #1629 (Use DANE for server certificates) created by Erik Schnetter
If I understand correctly, DANE …


10:27 Ticket #1628 (Enable padding by default) created by Erik Schnetter
Enable padded allocation in Carpet by default.
10:26 Ticket #1627 (Merge rewrite branch of McLachlan) created by Erik Schnetter
We should merge the "rewrite" branch of McLachlan. To do before this …


12:47 Ticket #1409 (cleanup Avec in HydroBase) closed by Frank Löffler
invalid: Avec has to be defined in HydroBase since initial data thorns need to …
10:36 WikiStart edited by Frank Löffler


11:05 Ticket #1626 (CarpetIOASCCI transfers too much data for output) created by Roland Haas
CarpetIOASCII currently transfers all patches from all processes to …


10:32 Milestone ET_2014_05 completed
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