12:01 Ticket #2101 (Add Lean_public and Proca thorns to the ET) created by miguel.zilhao.nogueira@…
As discussed during the European ET meeting in Mallorca and during the …
11:11 Ticket #2083 (ET workbench signup broken for Safari) closed by Ian Hinder
09:21 Ticket #2100 (Host a collection of numerical relativity talk slides) created by Ian Hinder
There seems to be no good place to find the slides for scientific …
08:15 Ticket #2099 (Build fails if Fortran is not available) reopened by Roland Haas
Thank you for the patch. This seems like an odd way to handle this. …


18:19 Ticket #2059 (SimFactory should detect the number of cores automatically) reopened by Roland Haas
The branch needs to set the options that Ian points out: * spn * …
14:25 Ticket #2099 (Build fails if Fortran is not available) created by Steven R. Brandt
If you use the old generic.cfg (which has "none" for both F77 and F90) …
08:41 Ticket #2098 (ET workbench is down) created by Ian Hinder
The ET workbench


20:40 Ticket #2021 (compiling Carpet fails with intel 17 and optimisation) closed by Roland Haas
fixed: Applied as git commit 1378c7df "CarpetLib: fix comment about …
16:43 Ticket #2069 (connection failures to svn.cactuscode.org) closed by Steven R. Brandt
10:41 Ticket #2072 (Carpet: Disable OpenMP parallelization of transport operators) closed by Roland Haas
wontfix: Th code as is should not be committed due to the comments in the pull …
10:15 Ticket #1784 (osx-homebrew.cfg does not work out of the box on Yosemite) closed by Ian Hinder
wontfix: We no longer support OS X Yosemite.
10:13 Ticket #1725 (Disable Fortran 77 support in Cactus) reopened by Ian Hinder
Review state removed because there is nothing yet to commit.
10:04 Ticket #2097 (Jenkins test system should use generic.cfg where possible) created by Ian Hinder
We now recommend using generic.cfg instead of OS-specific optionlists, …
09:47 Ticket #1757 (Stampede needs to be updated) closed by Roland Haas
wontfix: Stampede1 is being retired on Jan 31st.
09:43 Ticket #2007 (MoL fails to build with Intel compiler) closed by Ian Hinder
fixed: Erik approves of the change.
09:41 Ticket #1458 (intel 13 2013.1.117 mis-compiles asserts in TwoPunctures tp_utils.c) closed by Ian Hinder
wontfix: This version of the compiler is old enough that we don't want to …
09:02 WikiStart edited by Ian Hinder
Update upcoming release to ET_2018_02 (diff)


08:12 Ticket #2096 (SphericalHarmonicRecon and SphericalHarmonicReconGen tests fail on ...) created by Ian Hinder
(Adapted from …


07:42 Ticket #2095 (Upgrade Trac from 0.12) created by Ian Hinder
The current version of Trac is 0.12, which is very old. It should be …


09:40 Ticket #2091 (ET wiki is down) closed by Ian Hinder


10:21 Ticket #2094 (Regularly Send Doodle/WhenIsGood Polls for ETK Telecons) created by anonymous
To maximize participation in ETK telecons throughout the year, …


10:55 Ticket #2093 (Show if this machine matches the mdb) created by Steven R. Brandt
It would be useful if Simfactory could tell you whether your machine …


15:45 Ticket #1599 (CarpetInterp/waveinterp_2p tests constant in space initial data) closed by anonymous


09:47 Ticket #2073 (IO corruption on SDSC oasis file systems) closed by Roland Haas
fixed: According to the SDSC support team (ticket #63522 in message from …
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